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Text Box: Careline brings you regular news and in-depth reports on how Responsible Care is helping shape the performance of the chemical industry in 52 countries around the world. A typical edition carries articles about: Product Stewardship, performance improvement, global standards, management systems, and verification and auditing. 
Increasingly, Careline brings news about Supply Chain management of  chemicals beyond traditional chemical industry boundaries – an issue seen as vital to the future development and success of the Responsible Care initiative. 
Sustainability and corporate social responsibility, stakeholder dialogue and community outreach are firmly on industry’s agenda, and thus feature regularly in Careline, together with topics of fundamental importance such as safety, emergency response, pollution prevention and chemicals distribution. 






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North American Editor: 
Francis Gillis, 362 Dupont Street, Toronto, 
Ontario, Canada M5R IV9
Tel: +1 416 961 0303 Ext 306; 

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Responsible Care?
Responsible Care is sometimes revolutionary, but always evolutionary. It is about continuous improvement in every aspect of chemical companies’ – and a growing number of partners’ – health, safety and environmental activities. It is a platform that is helping industry to become more open and transparent, and to find ways to gain the trust and confidence of all stakeholders, from local communities to governments and regulators; from environmental activists to retailers. It is allowing new and innovative partnerships to be established throughout chemical-related supply chains.













Tel: +356 2142 4236 Fax: +356 2142 4237 e-mail:





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